Protection of flora and fauna

A proposed project to close a mountain hut and a number of roads in order to protect the local wild reindeer population has been a subject of debate in an area of Northern Norway for several decades. To justify the project’s viability, the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) has installed Eco-Counters to compare the spatial and temporal distribution of visitors with the GPS positions of the wild reindeer.

What is the impact of strollers on the deer herds and what is the impact of human activity on a pristine natural environment? The study’s results will be used to develop an environmentally friendly land-use policy for this region where nature is at the center of every decision.

Count data can also be used to:

  • Adapt on-site attendancy to minimise impact on reproduction and nesting periods
  • Determine the impact of visitors on the flora and fauna.
  • Identify the load capacity of soil and anticipate erosion rates.